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Camp Tiles

on Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:05 pm
REQ: mv

This is a big set so much in it I left this one in a project folder so noobs can see how stuff is done. I removed the sound in the editor to make it a smaller download.

New version update:
Fixed Build a bridge
Added igloo's
Added Bunker, basement door's


  1.  Stone hedge type
       Lean to
       Pueblo home
       Log cabin
       Cave town
       New cave crops
       up gradable mud brick home for player inside and out
       Indoor portable stove for player
       End table
       Cave doors for land and under water.
       Sea life tiles like coral

I hope i didn't forget something lol so much here.

Plugin list i use:

  1.    Ltn core: Ltn games
       Yep event mini label: Yanfly
       Yep selfswvar: Yanfly
       Galv MesssageStyles: Galv


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